Para disfrutar de la Habana,la "Casa de Gina es la mejor opción".
  Gina Rent Room

Welcome to Gina Rent Room !

Gina Rent Room offers to you with reasonable prices, the oportunity to rent a wondefull apartment here in Cuba. Gina Rent Room is a very familiar and cosy and this located in center of the city, right to a side of the legendary Stage of Baseball Latinoamericano origin place of the Industriales Team.

In Gina Ren Room we can sure to you that we take care of all the details that the stay of our guests be the most pleasant and and with the which they are leave of Cuba with a superb memory of this country

Immediately we invited to you to comes and visits to us here in
Gina Rent Room, this house who is already your house, and discovers the wonders of our country. From already we say to you that this goes to be your better option

Begin to know us since now !!

Greetings !!

Gina and Yanin

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